• Are You Putting Something Off…and Why That’s Okay (sometimes)

    Aug 18 • Lifestyle • 507 Views

    Take a break

    So, you know when you have big plans, you get so excited and motivated, and then you find yourself needing to delay things just a little? This has happened to me recently. I'll be honest with you. I've been putting something off. In fact, I've been putting off sharing something I'm working on and the not sharing has kind of led to putting off actually getting it done.

    My little over achieving, over working self is trying to let go and accept that this is okay right now because it's what is best for me. It's time for a mini break!

    Although I definitely believe in the 'start before you're ready' mantra that has become the catch phrase of 2013 (for me, at least), I also believe in, 'don't push yourself to the brink of nervous breakdown' and 'sometimes giving yourself time to take a break and get your shit together is exactly what you need'.

    Lesson here: push yourself to start before you're ready, but also be kind to yourself and appreciate that it's okay to take a little time to get your ducks in a row.

    Balance is VITAL here.

    Listen to your heart (especially if your head is complicating things).

    Do what is best for you.

    And own your decisions.

    Stop every now and then. Smell the roses (literally or figuratively, whatever works for you). Give yourself a break. Go easy on yourself. But remember that if you don't get your butt into gear at some point, freaking nothing will happen.

    It is also important not to get too caught up in what others are doing or telling you to do. This is your journey (for want of not sounding like a reality television contestant) and it is only you that can decide what is going to be best for you. 

    People are generally good and have your best interests at heart (most of the time) but they don't necessarily know what you're going through, they are not in your head, and they are coming from totally different experiences. 

    Life is a series of choices and there really isn't a right and wrong one. Sometimes it's advice of others, or ignoring everyone to go your own way but, ultimately, it's about owning the decisions that you make and backing yourself. Even if that means skipping town to go on a much needed holiday. Or switching off for a little while.


    Is there something you've decided to give yourself a break from lately? Or is there something you've decided to stop putting off?

    Leave a comment below and own it! Putting it 'out there' is the first step!


    And, if you're wondering what it is that I've been putting off, I can't completely share it with you yet, but go here or go here for a sneak peek and I promise to share more soon!

    Image from here.

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  • IMG_6442

    Through My Looking Glass

    Aug 12 • Through My Looking Glass • 335 Views

    When I first started Through My Looking Glass, it mostly revolved around my new life in Sydney. New places I was checking out, my thoughts and experiences navigating this unfamiliar city and working in television.

    As time has passed, things have changed. I've changed. And the direction my life, career, and goals have headed has left me thinking about Through My Looking Glass and what it is to me.

    So I'm introducing a new feature to the site. It's been something I've done for a while but it's never had a real name. Until now. Let's see how it works out in this ever changing wonderland.

    Here are some of the snaps through my looking glass lately:

    Not Bread Alone Crows Nest Crows Nest sunny day Bookstorein the mailfox in flats style dare

    self centred sunday

    - A new Monday night ritual to get through the first day back to work by going out for dinner

    - A beautiful day in my 'hood

    - LOVE a bookstore

    - Mail from the gorgeous Miranti of Pen and Peplum

    Taking part in a little bit of the Fox in Flats style dare last week

    Self centred Sunday – brunch with Claire, milkshakes and sitting in the park with Mandy, and buying herbs.  Too much fun!

    What have you been up to lately?

    I'd love to include you in this new feature!

    What are the little moments or tiny details that you can't help but take a photo of through the looking glass of your phone or camera? What makes up the various aspects of your life? Who is involved in the the snippets of your life? What picture do you paint with the magic of technology at your fingertips? 

    What is life through YOUR looking glass?

    Leave a comment below or drop me an email to katherine (at) throughmylookingglass (dot) me. I can't wait to see what you're up to!




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  • Mr and Mrs Romance cocktail party ebook

    Little Things

    Aug 9 • My Favourite Things • 293 Views

    Whoa what a week! It's been one of those ones that leaves you feeling a little beaten up, but head held high, the weekend is fast upon us. I know I definitely could have focused on the little things more this week, but this post is a reminder to do it at least ONCE a week (in case I stumble from perfection momentarily and forget…oh the laughs).

    I don't know about you, but this is one of the little things I could definitely do with today! Cocktails!

    Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 10.49.39 PM

    I'm just a little bit in love with Mr and Mrs Romance. You may know of hair blogging guru, Christina from Hair Romance, and this collaboration with her hubby is too much fun. Their cocktail party eBook (pictured, courtesy of…their cocktail party eBook), their travels around New York on Instagram lately (that I've been stalking like a…stalker), their his and hers way of looking at things, their good looks. Yes, I dig them, whatever. What's not to love!?

    coffee addicts

    The stats don't lie, people! If this infographic says it's true, then true it must be. Thank you Happy To Serve You for filling the world with just a little more joy than coffee already does.



    The trailer for Season 4 of The Walking Dead released at Comicon recently. Season 3 was a bit of a let down for fans, let's hope Season 4 is as bad ass as it looks! (Warning: don't watch if you're not into gory zombies and general bad assery!)

    Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation challenge

    I actually can't believe I'm going from The Walking Dead to Deepak Chopra, but that's how it just is with me! The 21 Meditation Challenge is literally blowing my mind! I mentioned on Monday that I am very new to the world of meditation and also a bit rubbish at it (in a lovable way that means every day I try, I get better…it seems mean to just bag out on myself when talking about meditation!)

    My friend reminded me of something that I have been forgetting a bit too much of lately! Being grateful! Here are some of this week's things I'm grateful for:

    3pm Friday dance parties + date night + laughing loudly with my mum and dad on Skype + lunch time yoga at work + coffee walks + Campos beans after so long without them + Blistix lip balm + silly text messages from friends + 2 weeks left of work before NYC + online friends sending me sightseeing tips + nice blog comments + Fox in Flats style dares + sharing snacks + pistachio girls

    What are you grateful for this week? What are the little things you're loving?

    Let me know below in the comments!


    Have a freaking fabulous weekend, gorgeous one.




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  • The foxtrot

    Jartinis at The Foxtrot, Crows Nest

    Aug 7 • Food and Drinks • 322 Views


    I was just going through posts updating my 100 Things To Do In Sydney and I realised that I haven't really highlighted that many places that I've fallen in love with here.

    The Foxtrot is literally around the corner from my house, hidden away on a main road (as unlikely as that may seem) so that if you weren't specifically looking for it, you might not even know it existed. In fact, I lived in Crows Nest for over a year before I even discovered it. And that was only because I was invited to an event there. Crazy, no?

    The photos that I have of The Foxtrot, don't actually do it justice (perhaps I'll update after my next visit). The entrance is a doorway with a very small sign and an old school lamp, then you walk through a 'library' up some stairs to the bar. From there you can order an assortment of unusual cocktails and head up to the 'garden' an Alice in Wonderland outdoor tea party setting, or around the back to an ond fashioned library. Your choice.

    My favourite is the espresso jartini – go figure – and I have to say, it's one of the best I've had. I'm sure it's got something to do with the rich and glorious Bean Drinking coffee as one of the main ingredients.


    cocktails IMG_5304 IMG_5316 IMG_5303

    The gentlemen at the bar are always really friendly and happy to make suggestions on which cocktail to try next, and although it gets a little ridiculously busy on a Friday night, a Saturday afternoon is good fun to get things started. Especially when you can choose between bar stools in the saloon, a cosy nook in the library (by the fire, I might add) or a frivolous time upstairs in the 'garden'.

    Have you got a favourite cocktail bar in your area? Leave me a comment below and maybe I'll visit next time I'm in your 'hood!


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  • change

    Do You Ever Suffer From Emotional Growing Pains?

    Aug 5 • General Musing • 488 Views


    Change. It's uncomfortable.

    The knowing that big things are coming. The waiting for the other shoe to drop…

    The growing pains that we once felt in our shins as kids (do you remember those!?) become more like an internal battle as we feel the discomfort of changes to our being as we get older (do you know what I'm talking about?). 

    This year, I think I've felt that more than ever. It's like a sick pulling in my stomach where all the frustrations and doubts and fears have built up. Then, as I move forward or grow, they start eeking out and result in a pretty confused state of being. And it feels unpleasant. But, like the physical growing pains, there is a little part inside of me that knows this is a good thing.

    Once I can get out of the funk. Once I can push through the discomfort. At the other end lies a better me, a great lesson, and opportunities that I haven't even realised yet.

    But I can be one hella cranky pants in the lead up.

    I get on mood swings like the best of them.

    One minute I am full of elation to be in my skin, knowing that life is really kind of extraordinary, the next is followed by inexplicable frustration and overwhelm. It's a freaking rollercoaster ride and all I can do is hang on tight and apologise to everyone around me as I keep pushing through until I come out the other side, bigger and better. 


    Growing pains are not just for kids (or weirdos)

    I think the powerful and almighty Internet can sometimes ellude to the lives of others looking better than your own. And, while we can do our best to encourage shutting out what we perceive of others and not comparing - let's face it – we are human and it's something we are kind of naturally prone to do.

    So if you feel like you're drowning in a sea of exciting growth, frustration, or overwhelm, do not fear - you are not alone! 

    This kind of life really isn't for everyone (which is why so many people are set in their ways), but it is sometimes nice to rest easy knowing that other people are living with emotional growing pains and for VERY good reasons (because, ya know, growth and change are exciting and wild and life changing. That's half way to getting to where you want to go!)


    How to push through it and come out on top

    - Accept the way you are feeling, embrace it even. This is the beginning of something BIG. You just have to push through it (and it might be less painful if you don't fight it!)

    - Self love is a bit of a buzz word right now but, in all honesty, it is kind of spot on. Love yourself, big time. Pick a day to just be self centered. Go somewhere or do something that you've always wanted to. Look after yourself – inside and out.

    - Take a moment to stop and put yourself in someone else's shoes before reacting to their behaviour. Everyone out there is just doing the best they can with what they have. Right now, you might be feeling like every interaction is sent to challenge you. Be kind as much as you possibly can.

    - Be present. I'm a total n00b at meditation, in fact, I pretty much suck at it right now, but to stop for a few minutes a day and just focus on breathing, how hard can it possibly be!? It also may not be for you, so sitting quietly somewhere writing out what's going on, or just acknowledging your current thoughts and experiences over a piece of cake can really help work out what's going on and how to push forward! 

    - Give yourself a break. This stuff ain't easy. If it was, everyone would do it! They're called growing pains for a reason and you're doing an awesome job (write that down). So beating yourself up for reacting badly, or having to skip out on social engagements, or taking a day or two off doing ANYTHING, is OKAY. Just be okay with it because guilt is only going to make things worse!


    Do you know that feeling of emotional growing pains? Do you feel terrible that sometimes it results in you not being your best self for a little while as you adjust to the growth?

    Leave a comment below with your best suggestions to get through it!



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  • Little Things

    Aug 1 • My Favourite Things • 505 Views

    Wow, Friday comes around so quickly (but not as quickly as Monday seems to)!

    I'm not complaining but sometimes I want to put time on freeze frame and get some stuff done or even just appreciate sitting in the sun.

    But, we all know it doesn't really work like that and that's why I carry on about appreciating the little things we have, even if it's only a quick walk outside at lunch time to get some sun on your face.

    So many crazy things have happened this year, so I guess maybe that's why I'm baffled the year is powering along, full steam ahead, but there is so much more to come. New York in less than four weeks? Yes, thanks!

    Little things I'm loving this week:

    two hearts ringHow amazing is this Two Hearts One Beat ring?! People on Etsy just freak me out with their talent. Seriously. 


    quote your-body-hears-everything your mind ever says

    My gorgeous friend, Claire of Claire's Holistic Pursuits wrote this great post about taking care of yourself. I highly recommend you read it, take care of yourself, and – while you're there – get access to her secret to healthy, glowing skin (as if you could resist!)



    The monthly Fox in Flats dares started to freak me out, but dressing like a boy is close to my heart (with a girlie touch, of course) so I might have to join in with this one. Do you dare?


    resizedimage5001315-SPICEMEUPCHAIWEBSITEUPDATE2Obsessed with Chai tea this winter? Me too. T2 obviously is too because of their 2013 Chai Project. How cute is this recipe card? Sounds like all the ingredients for a perfect winter's day beverage!


    100 things to do in Brisbane

    Did you get a chance to check out my 100 Things To Do In Brisbane? I know. It's shocking that I managed to come up with 100, but I got there (with a little help from my friends). If you ever head to the capital of Queensland, feel free to try a few and let me know if you agree!


    Coming up, 100 Things To Do In NYC. It's happening. I'd love your input.

    Leave me a comment and have a rockin' weekend!


    (And don't forget the Friday celebration song of the week on Facebook at 3pm today!)




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  • What I Trust

    Jul 31 • General Musing • 288 Views


    This post is part of The Declaration of You Blog Lovin' tour. I had so much fun the first time, I decided to take part in this week's topic of Celebration with some other great bloggers! Find out more – and join in - here.


    The world we live in is unpredictable and full of surprises. And with the world like a sea of people, machines, nature, and unknown outcomes, we are like a tiny boat bobbing around. Sometimes changes can be seen off in the distance and, at other times, a swell comes and throws us completely by surprise.

    Sometimes we will move in another direction.

    And sometimes we will be pushed that way.

    That's why I get surprised when I hear people so openly state that they will never, ever do 'this' or 'that', just because that is the feelings of their present self speaking on behalf of their future self. And that just seems crazy to me!

    Circumstances change, unexpected events occur, disasters unfortunately devastate, people make mistakes, we make mistakes, wonderful things happen out of nowhere, one idea sparks an entirely different direction.

    Some days it doesn't feel like there is much to trust.


    Here are the things that I have come to trust about life:

    - The night will end and the sun will rise, bringing with it a new day of possibilities

    - My family will always love and support me

    - A hug always helps

    - After months of being cold, I will – undoubtedly – be over summer by December.

    - People will always surprise you

    - Sometimes people will be exactly what you thought

    - Everything and everyone is constantly changing.

    - What is 'in' right now will be 'out' soon and something new will be 'in'

    - Trash TV and magazine will exist as long as we are still watching and reading them

    - Once we realise what it is that we want in life and we believe in ourselves, anything is possible

    - There will always be dishes to wash, clothes to hang out, bills to pay, and grocery shopping to do. Why put it off?

    - I will always get the most annoying song I hear in the morning stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

    - The little voice inside, it's there for a reason and sometimes it is REALLY quiet, but it knows the right answer.

    - That we really don't know very much at all. About the world. About anything.

    - Everything is better if you do it with a friend

    - Men and women will almost always do things the complete opposite, but that doesn't mean we can't get along

    - Trust is something vital to a strong relationship

    - Once trust is gone, it's difficult to get back


    What can you trust in this crazy world of unexplained occurances and unexpected surprises?

    Leave a comment below because I'd love to hear your thoughts!




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  • Celebrate The Little Wins

    Jul 23 • General Musing • 317 Views


    This post is part of The Declaration of You Blog Lovin' tour. I had so much fun the first time, I decided to take part in this week's topic of Celebration with some other great bloggers! Find out more – and join in – here.


    As humans in the 21st Century, you would think that we might have a better handle on reducing stress and living happier lives. 

    But we kind of don't.

    We want more stuff, so we need more money, then we have to work harder, which leads to more responsibility, and more stress, and then we don't even have time to play with our cool stuff or the loved ones we are wanting to make all the money for.

    Seems kind of silly, doesn't it?

    Obviously I'm making a huge generalisation here but most of us are caught up in this crazy circle akin to puppies chasing their tails.

    The latest craze is disguised as stress-reducing, but seems to just add to our current predicament. The elusive 'happiness' craze. Happiness is becoming an overused and overwhelming concept, similar to a reality television cliche, done to death by contestants, hosts, judges, viewers, AND the media.

    It's kind of just adding to the stress.

    To be happy we have to change this and buy that, live up to unrealistic expectations, constantly strive, focus on the goals, keep up with those who seem to have it all, dream big and work harder, always focusing on that ideaology of 'happiness'.

    Annnnnnd, I need a nap.

    For years and years I have been working towards a career goal (I've probably told you about this before). Last year I finally got a job very close to where I want to be, I was finally moving forward. But when a good friend rang to congratulate me when he heard of my achievement, knowing how much it had meant to me and how excited I would be by it, I did nothing but complain. I was tired, I was stressed, I was done dealing with the contestants (and their mothers), and I was not loving it.

    When we hung up I realised two things. One, that I wasn't enjoying myself so maybe I needed to refocus my goals. And, two, that I hadn't even acknowledged the achievement of finally getting that job.

    Or celebrated the win.

    Every day, we are cheating death (literally) by making it through from sun up to sun down (perhaps a little dramatic, but when you think about it, I've got a point). We are faced with the ups and downs of life, the stresses, the near misses, the disasters and we GET THROUGH THEM.

    Whether you're building a career from scratch, working on a project, doing stuff you love, raising a kid, or living life in general, there's going to be an outrageous amount of bad stuff, but there will also be great things along the way.

    Learn from the negatives. Do better next time. Try something different. Take a different approach.

    But CELEBRATE the positives. Stop – even when you're too busy – and take a moment to congratulate yourself, your team, your computer, or your cat on a job well done. 

    Enjoy the little victories because a new challenge is just around the corner.

    And the only way to get from point A to point B is by getting from one little win to the next one until you get to the end.

    Don't leave it until then to celebrate.

    Enjoy the journey the whole way through by taking a moment and high fiving, rewarding, or acknowledging your pure awesomeness.

    Because if you made it through today, that is what you are. Pure awesomeness.

    Let's do it all again tomorrow.

    Just so you know – Celebrate the little wins is #17 of my 20 Tips For Becoming a Kick Ass Goal Setter. If you like it, you should read the rest of them!

    If you love it, please share! And let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are about celebrating the little wins.




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  • The Rocks Aroma Festival

    Jul 22 • Food and Drinks • 267 Views

    rocks aroma festivalSunday in Sydney was The Rocks Aroma Festival. For me, it really doesn't get better than amazing weather, great friends, lots o' coffee, and The Rocks. 

    The Rocks was the hub of Sydney's international trade for literally hundreds of years and The Rocks Aroma Festival is kind of a tribute to that. 

    Each year at the festival, more than 20 roasters come together to share their delicious brew with the city and, alongside coffee, you can always find delicious baked goods! 

    The lines were long, but the coffee was really cheap and in a smaller cup size to allow for enough belly space to try as many varieties as possible. I love the idea of all the roasters getting out among the people, when usually we are only exposed to them via cafes, and there were so many types to choose from – most of which I'd never heard of. 

    Food stalls were all over the place, selling the perfect coffee accompaniments, such as crepes, baklava, churros, and cupcakes and even some of the Sydney food trucks showed up for anyone wanting a heartier meal.

    There was a lot of guesswork involved in which line to join and only one stall – The Wood Roaster - had someone standing around the line explaining what their coffee and their brand was all about. It would have been great if there had been a bit more information about the different types of coffee on offer and what made them unique or worth trying over the 23 others and with so many people around, it would be nice to know what you're lining up for! 

    In the end, though, the weather was Aussie winter perfection and my coffee loving posse and I had a wonderful time buzzing around on a coffee high! I took some photos so that you can see what I mean:


    Can you imagine a better way to spend a Sunday!? Me either.


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