Hey guys. I am Gery L. Setliff, a 24 years old student who is currently living in Swyre, UK. I like to play chess and cricket very much. I also like to enjoy “The Breaking Bad” a popular T.V serial.

My uncle has influenced my creativity since I was 8 years old. He always taught me that how we can use many different materials for making some wonderful devices with new features that are liked by everyone. He also gave all the answers of my thousands of questions about the natural materials. He explained me which things can be designed and which do not. On my 15th birthday, He gave a wonderful gift. It was a wonderful wooden box designed specifically by the uncle. The beautiful box had many patterns using the suitable metals and plastics. Also inside the box, there were more tools, materials and a note. In the note it was written use the material and tools and try to make an extraordinary thing.

As I was not able to make that creative thing so I went to my uncle. He went to his working room and came back in just two minutes. I was shocked to see the so fast performance of the uncle. The superb product in the uncle’s hands put just one particular question in my mind i.e How?How he had done this. Then he told me he has a router table that helped me making the product so quickly. He further explained me that without the router table also you can do this activity but it is an amazing tool that provides very quick results allowing much more safety operation. Also he told me that the gift he gave me also was created with the help of router table. Thus, I made a plan to create a website on the router table. The site contains complete information about the router table that any person wants these days. I hope that you will have great fun the website.

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