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May 10 • Little Discoveries • 466 Views • 2 Comments

Summary of this week? Not enough self-care, mild exhaustion, focusing a little TOO much on what I don't have instead of what I do.

I'd love to think I was killing it in all of these areas, but I'm sure that I'm not alone when it comes to slipping up sometimes and having to take a day to re-center and pull yourself together. For me, this week, that meant going to bed at 8:30 on Monday and a friend having to remind me that I am doing some stuff right.

I guess in these instances, it's okay to feel a little overwhelmed as long as you can acknowledge it, remember that you're getting there and you're doing a good job and then taking even a second to be grateful for where you're at and what you have. It can almost be a little gratifying to go, oh yeah, I have it really freaking good actually what a silly moment I just had. And move on.

On that note, here are some other little discoveries I made this week:


the spring shop

The Spring Shop. Seriously. So much cute I might pass out with excitement. Glass straws, mason jars, those ceramic berry punnets!? Oh I want to spend up a STORM right now!




Who's into Spotify? I should probably ask who's NOT into it. I'm addicted. I love Spotify radio. If you want some new tunes, you pick a band you like and Spotify magically creates a sort of random play list for you. Then you do a thumb up or thumb down depending on if you like something and it improves the station to your tastes. So clever. And you can listen to anything you want.



falling garden

How ridiculously awesome is the Falling Garden installation by Swisse artists Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger? I don't know if it still exists but it was created for the 50th Biennial of Venice and I don't know what could beat that. I'd love to lie under this on afternoons when my inspiration is lacking and dream of wonderful things!



connie chapman transition

I LOVE this post by Connie Chapman about Transitions. I feel like she is in my brain putting my jumbled thoughts about this stuff into beautiful words. Love it.




I haven't been here yet, but I just know The Winery in Surry Hills and I are destined to meet. 


Hey did you check out the live call Jess and I are doing called Be Stronger Than Your Excuses? I'm pretty excited about it and would love to share it with you. 

I hope all is wonderful in your world! As always, feel free to share you favourite things from the week below.

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  • Kate

    What gorgeous little discoveries! I need to get onto Spotify… I tried but just couldn’t work it all out. Time to do it again I think. Umm, and just a bit in love with The Spring Shop.

    • Katherine

      Oh thanks, Kate! How awesome is it! I wanted to buy everything ;)

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