Eight in Eight

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I nearly fell off my chair this morning when I realised that we are already through the first week of November. How is that so!? On that note, I always get the urge to get some sort of closure at the end of the year and I think that's why I wanted to come up with eight things to do in the last eight weeks of the year.

Rachel from In Spaces Between (where I first saw the idea) is doing Nine in Nine, so I'm a week behind her and four weeks behind her inspiration, Danni from Oh, Hello Friend who is doing 12 in 12, but I wanted to join in all the same and Eight in Eight seems like a pretty good number to me! Here goes:

1 – Spend some time with my sister before she moves to Canada

2 – Read three books

3 – Use up my six forgotten about movie vouchers before they expire (31.12.11)

4 -  Go for a run 3-5 times a week

5 – Write some scenes for a series I have in mind

6 – Make/do at least three of my Pinterest pins so it’s not a complete time waster!

7 – Get a new TV job in a higher position and a new place to live!

8 – Send three letters/packages to friends and family 

I always like to cover as many aspects of my life as possible when doing lists like this, but I also want to keep it realistic so I can give myself the best possible chance at achieving them! What about you, have you got anything you'd like to get done or finished up before 2011 is behind us?

If one of those things might be winning a sweet giveaway, check back in the next couple of days and your wish could come true!




P.S You might have noticed that other bloggers have been inspiring my posts this week. See Monday's inspiration here if you missed it and check out LA's awesome post on things to do before you die here.

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  • http://blog.isavirtue.net patience

    how come your sister is moving to canada? not that i’m opposed, canada ROCKS

    • http://throughmylookingglass.me Katherine

      Haha, her boyfriend is moving for work and so she is going too! I’m sure it does rock, I can’t wait to visit ;)

  • sirireb

    I got your sweet package and I LOVED it!!! So wonderful to check the mail and get something like that to make my day! Sorry I didn’t write a sweet letter with mine! I just hope it makes you smile! :) (And I’m super sorry if you don’t celebrate Christmas – I should have asked you about one of the gifts lol) – Siri

    • http://throughmylookingglass.me Katherine

      Aw yay, I’m so glad it arrived. I got mine too and I DEFINITELY celebrate Christmas. Thanks, lots of sweet candy there!!

  • http://www.naomibulger.com Naomi Bulger

    Good luck completing the list, you’ve inspired me too! Make sure you let us know how you go. 

    (ps. I LOVE that vintage-looking picture of all the mail and parcels)

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