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I spend a lot of time reading blogs. A lot. It's kind of ridiculous how much time I'm talking but I find it therapeutic and educational. There are some blogs that I am particularly fond of and one of those just happens to be Freckled Nest – now simply called LA (after its owner, Leigh-Ann).

I decided to share the blog love today because I find LA's blog has so much to offer and I really wanted to acknowledge that.

She loves to share photos and stories of her life, DIY's, photography and business tips and hints, recipes, and a million other things! Although I don't know her personally, she gives off this bubbly, friendly, hardworking and motivating vibe – such a positive contribution to the blog world!

The thing I think I love most about Leigh-Ann and what she does, though, is how she has designed her own career as a web designer and has combined her love of vintage, crafting, and photography into a successful business.

For a long time, I think that web design has been a real boys market but Leigh-Ann has tailored her business, Freckled Nest Designs, to create amazing blog and website designs for – what I can tell – a predominantly female market.

She is a female entrepreneur helping out other female entrepreneurs and I just love the whole idea of that! Not only has she tapped into a niche market for web design, but she uses the success of her own blog to supports other bloggers and businesses through her reader directory, features, and giveaways.

It's so incredible to see young women getting into the online world and fashioning a career and a life that is their own. It's a really great reminder that we can do whatever we want if we put our minds to it and LA is a great example of this.

I love that even though we live on opposite sides of the world, I am constantly inspired by Leigh-Ann and her blog. It definitely gives me something to aspire to.


P.S Images are all courtesy of Leigh-Ann's blog with her permission to use them.

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  • LA

    You are *so* nice!!! thank you for all the things you said– you made me feel really special and honored to be a female entrepreneur. xo, LA

    • Katherine

      Aw, I’m glad you liked it, thanks for commenting :D

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