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I am Jason Harold, a computer software developer. Owing to my work profile I had a routine that included a seating of about 12 hours. Glued to the computer the entire time, I had started gaining belly and fat around my lower body. I was kind of ok with it because I had never been much of gym person or a fitness freak as of then. My ten-year-old son got a trampoline for himself to play, and it seemed quiet exciting to me as I saw him bounce on that little thing. I couldn’t resist the temptation of getting on it and reliving my childhood. It became a routine; I would get back from work and start playing with my kid on that bouncy bed.

A few days later, I had a routine check up with my doctor. To my surprise, I had lost 10 lbs with almost a zero effort. This was very inspiring to me. Workout could be fun, I thought to myself, why not make it more effective? From simple jumping, I shifted to modified exercises and made them a routine. I played music while doing those exercises to make it even more exciting. This used to help me relax, enjoy and workout at the same time. Eventually, I could see the results, my body was shredding down the fat. Slowly, the muscles began to tone up and get in shape. I was really happy and enjoying the new change in me. Since then, this exciting trampoline workout has become an important an unavoidable part of my routine.

This little thing has changed my life to a great extent. Then I thought there were so many Jasons out there who are away from workout just because they find it boring, and I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my experience and its outcome with you people. I hope this helps you the way it helped me.

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