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Hi there!

I hope you've had a great week! My week has been a bit odd with working and sorting things out for my new job and trying to finish my eBook and feeling slightly overwhelmed!

In light of that, my favourite things this week are a few bits and pieces I've come across to let me step back and get some perspective:

I saw the absolutely wonderful Silver Linings Playbook during the week. Completely delightful in a zany-'Little Miss Sunshine' kind of way. My friend sent me this interview with Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper and the film's director Tom Hooper. It's long for a YouTube video, but gives great insight into the film and the cast. If you loved the film or just the actors, you will get a lot out of this.


of monsters and men

I know I've raved about Of Monsters and Men a lot lately, but I can't help it, I'm addicted to their sound. Had the pleasure of seeing them live last week and what a beautiful group, they're just so excited to be embraced by so many people. Love it. Plus their Like a Version cover for Triple J was awesome. Unfortunately I can't embed it but check it out here.


chic and healthy woman ebook

My lovely new blogging friend, Jess, has just released her eBook, The Chic & Healthy Woman – 9 Wellness Secrets To Create a Healthy Life, and it is FREE. Definitely worth a read for improved health and well being!



I had the most amazing Suigo Natural Infused Hair Spa treatment this week. I felt completely rejuvenated after and my hair looks, feels, and smells amazing. So good.


four hour work week

I've been reading this really good book called The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. Um…game changer. I'm learning all about taking mini-retirements and 'dreamlining'. Fascinating stuff, non-conformist working friends.



Sometimes you just need to break it right down and just do something small. I love that.

I'd love to hear from you about what you do when you're overwhelmed and you feel like you can't get the amazing things out of your head and into the projects you're working on! Please comment below and let me know!

Have a great weekend!


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  • Miranti | pen&peplum

    Love OMAM and The 4-hour Work Week is on my must-read list! Also love your quote… so true.

  • Elizabeth

    I think I still struggle with doing something when I’m overwhelmed. So much I want to go into bed and watch friends.. I guess though I do the social media side of things and reply to emails and people and comments, keep in touch. it’s definitely a smaller thing to do :) xo

    Elizabeth// yourhighestself.com.au

  • http://www.livehealthysimply.com/ Jessica Nazarali

    Thanks so much for the mention Katherine! See you in a few weeks xx

    • http://throughmylookingglass.me Katherine

      No worries, congrats on the eBook. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

  • Lizzie B

    Feeling overwhelmed is one of the things that I am determined to work on this year. At work I try and start my week by writing down everything that needs to be achieved that week, no matter how small, so I can see what needs to be done and start checking things off. Getting everything out of my head and onto paper seems to help!
    Hope this week is full of bright and happy things for you

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