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Oh I'm so glad it's Friday! I just worked six days straight and haven't seen Bailey in about a week. It's a bit mental around here and I'm having some love-hate feelings about things at the moment! Such is life! So here are some of the things that have made me happy this week:

A Beautiful Mess posting sewing tips, tutorials, and patterns all week! Will be super helpful because I'm going to teach myself to sew this year and, to be honest, I really need all the help I can get!

My new bike (Dutchie by Mojo Bike) is on its way!

This inspirational video and post (yes, also bike-related – I'm excited, okay!?)

I've been trying really hard to turn negative situations positive, but sometimes it's not that easy! Amy from Just a Titch has some pretty good suggestions for Being Kind Online, but I think they can be adopted to everyday 'real' life too!

Pretty much all the coolest fun camera stuff you can imagine at Photojojo including a Dreamy Diana Lens for your digital SLR and a Holga iPhone lens

The fact that ModCloth named Liz Lemon (fictional character of television show, 30 Rock) a style icon. Tina Fey, giving nerdy girls a chance!

And knowing that today is Friday and the weekend is soooo close!

I hope yours is fantastic.

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  • http://www.naomibulger.com/ Naomi Bulger

    So I’m clicking through from my Google Reader to say I am SO jealous of your pending bike present, when I see you have so kindly linked to moi, aussi. Thank you!!

    • http://throughmylookingglass.me Katherine

      I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited! Ohh well I thought it was more friendly than just posting the video and claiming that I found it all on my own ;)

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