Some hard facts about Trampolines

Trampolines make for the perfect present for growing children. Not only are then fun to play on, they also offer a great platform for exercise and gymnastics. However, they are not as safe as you might think. Each year, hundreds and thousands of kids visit the hospital due to injuries from playing on trampolines. The following infographic details the kinds of injuries that children can suffer even in the midst of adult supervision. Whether you’re there or not, your child still might be in danger because of the quality of traditional trampoline products. Although, head injuries and concussions are rare, they are severe and can be fatal. In fact, according to statistics, your child more likely to suffer a concussion while playing on a trampoline than in car accident.

Take a closer look at this detailed picture and learn about how to keep your children safe while they play on trampolines:

inforgraphic on trampoline


Traditional trampolines are ridden with several potential injury causing variables. They have insufficient padding, rigid poles, exposed frames as well as lighter frames that are prone to collapsing under the weight of repeated jumping. Springfree trampolines are a much safer option. These have flexinet enclosures, softer edges, solid frames and hidden rods. The Springfree variety are a much more viable option for you kids. You can be secure in knowing that your kids are a lot less likely to get injured and that if they do, that it’s probably because they were careless, rather than the trampoline being at fault.

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