Why Adjustable Dumbbells are Superior to Regular Dumbbells

Dumbbells are small pieces of equipment which work as a good add-on to any home gym. Dumbbells are a small bar with weights on both the ends. They provide an efficient and an effective workout by allowing a swift change from one exercise to another. You can perform numerous activities with this great piece of inexpensive fitness equipment. From strength training to building mass or toning up the whole body, all can be carried out with just dumbbells. Adding more weight to the dumbbells can help you burn more calories and help in balance training. Dumbbells are available in both fixed and adjustable weight varieties. The fixed-weight variety is the regular dumbbell set. Each style has its pros and cons. The comparison between the two is required if you are planning to buy a set for your newly-set home gym.


Regular Dumbbells

The regular dumbbells are constructed from a single piece of metal and have square-shaped weights on both ends. They are ready to use and allow you to choose swiftly the weight you need. A regular dumbbell has a set weight and can’t be changed. They do not offer a variety of resistance and doesn’t suit everyone. They are available in hex or pro style. The hex dumbbell has six sides of the weight heads, whereas pro style has circular weight heads.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells, as the name suggests, can be adjusted as per the weight you require. It consists of a bar, weights and end locks. You can increase or decrease the weights as needed while shifting from one exercise to the other. Every time you wish to alter the weight, you have to take off the locks and adjust new weights every time you need to use a new weight. The weights from adjustable dumbbells can be used as add-ons for other weight-training machines.

Adjustable Dumbbells v/s Regular Dumbbells


After getting a fair idea of what regular and adjustable dumbbells are, we can come to a conclusion that adjustable dumbbells are superior to Regular ones.

Variety of Exercises

The most vital difference is the variety that adjustable dumbbells offer. You can perform various exercises by owning a pair of adjustable dumbbells, whereas with regular dumbbells the weight is fixed, and you can only work with that particular weight without adding any variation. Strength training, body toning, etc. all can be performed with adjustable dumbbells set. With one adjustable weight set, you can produce dumbbell sets ranging from 5 to 50lbs. Whereas with regular dumbbells you would need to buy 20 regular sets to cover this wide variety of weights.

Weight Options

Regular Dumbbells offer just one particular weight to exercise with. You have no choice whereas with adjustable dumbbells you can increase or decrease the weight as you require. You may want to shift from less weight to subsequently more weight resistance, and this can be achieved by one set of adjustable dumbbells. You have good options to work on with adjustable ones. These can be loaded with different weights to suit your need and requirement and can be used in various types of workouts as well.

Cost Effective

An adjustable dumbbell set is cost efficient and is a great add-on to your home gym. It is a one-time investment, and you can bear the benefits for a long period. It addresses the concern of requiring an extensive weight system to gain significant workout without much expenditure and space requirements for sophisticated equipment. Regular dumbbells are not cost effective as with time they lose the worth. Once you are fully trained on a regular dumbbell set, you would want more to work on and for that you would need to buy a new set of a dumbbell. But owning an adjustable dumbbell set will rule out this concern forever.


Fixed-weight dumbbells i.e. the regular dumbbells take up a good amount of space in the home gym, whereas the adjustable dumbbells come apart and can be easily packed away and stored in a closet, when not in use. This is also an important factor especially for users who have a small home gym and can’t afford massive dumbbell sets lying around.

Other Uses

Adjustable dumbbells weights can be used in different types of workouts that work on various muscles of the body. You can use them with other weight training equipment as add-ons, for example for leg extensions and barbells. Having adjustable dumbbells in your home gym will make it a complete gym by offering practically all kinds of workouts and by working on every muscle of your body.


You woke your entire with the help of dumbbells only. This small piece of equipment is a whole gym in itself, and it is thus important to have a good idea while procuring dumbbells for your home gym. Adjustable dumbbells undoubtedly are superior to Regular dumbbells. With one single set of adjustable dumbbells, you can perform many exercises but a regular dumbbell set doesn’t have much to offer. Moreover, having flexible set in your home gym makes it easier for all members of the family to use it because each one has its weight requirement. Another plus point is the space requirement of adjustable dumbbells. They do not require huge racks for storage and thus are perfect for a home gym. If you are in the process of setting up a home gym, then you must blindly go in for adjustable dumbbells as they are a storehouse of fitness and offer more than their cost.

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